Dipl.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering Christian Koch (MBA)

Responsible for:

  • purchasing department
  • business development

Field of study/University:
Mechanical Engineering, TH Karlsruhe; Business Administration, University of California at Berkeley

Work experience

  • Porsche AG, Stuttgart, vehicle development
  • McKinsey & Co, Berlin, Associate
  • Fresenius AG, Bad Homburg, Director Business Development
  • Rittal Corp., Springfield, Ohio, USA, VP Finance and CFO

contact: christian.koch(at)

Dr. Peter Krost

Responsible for:

  • Marine Aquaculture
  • marine ecological analysis and  expert evidence
  • integrative coastal zone management
  • international projectcoordination

Field of study/University:
TH Darmstadt (intermediate diploma, Biology); Christian-Albrechts University Kiel (diploma, Biology); Institut for marine science, University Kiel (PhD)

Work experiences:
scientific employee and academia assistent at the Institut for marine science, University Kiel

Contact: peter.krost(at)

Dr. Levent Piker

Responsible for:

  • Marine nature material researches

Field of study/university:
Institut for marine science, University Kiel (PhD)

Working experiences:
Scientific employee at GEOMAR and the Institut for marine science, University Kiel

contact: levent.piker(at)


Dr. Steffen Hennig

Responsible for:

  • Bioinformatics Analyses and Consulting
  • Genome and Transcriptome Projects
  • Gene Annotation
  • Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)
  • Microarray-Designs and -Analyses

Field of study/University:
Diploma and phD in Theoretical Physics, MPI for Fluid Mechanics and Georg-August-University, Goettingen
Scientist, Physics Department, Free University Berlin

work experiences:

  • Group Leader Bioinformatics, MPI for Molecular Genetics, Berlin
  • Group Leader Computational Biology, RZPD GmbH, Berlin
  • Co-Founder and CIO, imaGenes GmbH, Berlin
  • Head of Bioinformatics, Source BioScience, Nottingham/UK

contact: steffen.hennig(at)

Dr. Monika Kock

Responsible for:

  • Organisation of the Qualitymanagementsystem from CRM and oceanBASIS GmbH
  • Marine ecological expert evidence

Field of study/university:
Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, Institute for Marine Sciences, Zoology, Biological Marine Sciences, Oceanography

Working experiences:

  • Legal assistent
  • Freelancer at the Institute for Marine Researches

contact: monika.kock(at)

Dr. Ehrhard Sioli

Responsible for:

  • Technics
  • Aquaculture-technics
  • Special design
  • Algea and mussel farming

Field of study/University:
CAU Kiel, Institute for Applied Ecology and Coastal Research  

Work experiences:

  • Ecological experts advice
  • Nature Conservation Officer

contact: ehrhard.sioli(at)

Dr. Tim Staufenberger

Responsible for:

  • Farm Management
  • Blue-mussel cultivation
  • Diving
  • Reports on marine ecology

Field of study/University:
Biological marine sciences, Botany, Toxikology / Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel, Institut for Marine Sciences at the Univerity of Kiel. Biological Oceanography / University of Southern Denmark. Marine Microbiology (PhD-Thesis) / KiWiZ – Kiel Center for natural products at GEOMAR

Work experiences:

  • Dive-Instructor and scientific diver
  • Freelance worker at GEOMAR

contact: tim.staufenberger(at)

Dipl.-Ing. Biotechnology Susanne Woldmann

Responsible for:

  • Development of biotechnology processes
  • Upscaling
  • Extract production
  • Project management
  • Laboratory Head

Field of study/University:
Biotechnology, University of Applied Sciences Flensburg

Work Experiences

  • Biotechnology Assistant 

contact: susanne.woldmann(at)

Certified Biologist Thomas Kujawski

Responsible for:

  • System administration
  • Ecology and Taxonomy of benthic invertebrates
  • Scientific documentation

Field of study/University:
Biology / CAU Kiel

Work experiences:

  • Scientific employee at the Institute for Marine Researches
  • Owner of the Photo-Agency ASA-Multimedia

contact: thomas.kujawski(at)

Certified Biologist Verena Sandow

Responsible for:

  • Macroalgae Farming
  • Polyculture
  • Diving
  • Marine ecological experts advice

Field of study/University:
Biology / CAU Kiel

contact: verena.sandow(at)