CRM offers a broad attendance spectrum around marine themes. The consulting in all environmental aspects of the ocean and of the coast is a central working focus of CRM. Moreover CRM offers services in the field of molecular-biology and bio-informatics. In CRM you found a competent partner in all themes listed below. Just call us, we'd love to give you more information.

  • Experts report
  • Dredged material
  • Preparation of prognoses for impacts of interventions
  • Recommendations for compensation measures
  • Recommendations/suggestions for recultivation of coastal waters
  • Preservation of evidence  
  • Feasibility studies
  • Risk- and hazardanalysis
  • Compatibility of environment studies
  • Waterquality studies

New Services:

  • Custom gene-expression-arrays
  • De-novo sequencing of transkriptoms
  • Gene annotation-service