Natural Product Research and Development

Bioinformatics, natural product chemistry, biotechnology and marine biology is our know-how for your business. Innovative peptides and enzymes are the key to a successful product portfolio in the bio-industry, whether food, crop protection or biofuel - we'll be with the development of new, more effective enzymes for your processes.

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Furthermore, CRM's focus in natural substance research are anti-infectious and anti- tumoral substances from algae as well as collagen from marine invertebrates for wound healing and orthopaedy. With its experienced natural substance chemists, marine biologists and process engineers CRM works as partner with different universities and institutes in various projects.

More than half of the marketed drugs are based on natural substances although the richness of the active substances of natural organisms are rarely explored for pharmacological uses. This obtains especially for marine organisms.

One of  CRM's aims is to raise this treasure with a good mix of traditional biology and modern molecular-biology methods. In an intern „bio-exploitation“ initiative CRM searches for usable proteins in the genome of marine organisms. This course of action means using up-to-date techniques of sequencing and bioinformatics.

It is possible that marine creatures developed structures which are to special use for human. Marine plants are surrounded by water whereby they are permanently confronted with microorganisms. Viruses can attack cells and bacteria or fungi can populate the surfaces of the plants and thus damage them. Therefore marine plants are under an enormous pressure to develop a defence action against microorganisms. Because plants do not have a specialized immune system the defence actions have to happen by developing chemical substances. In comparison to animal organisms plants posses a remarkably broader repertoire on metabolic pathways which lead to unique biochemical substances. Therefore in our point of view especially herbal marine organisms are very important as to the gaining of active substances. The reservoir of structures, which the marine plants developed in the struggle for survival, could lead to new antibacterial or antiviral substance classes. The neurotoxic effect which in some algae blossom generated substances have, deliver a drastic proof how effective the substances, which are generated in marine plants, can effect human cells.

Down below you can find a sample of CRM's actual and finished projects with the focus on marine natural material research.